Songs and Dances - In the Mirror of Life

Featuring music from different countries, continents and folkloristic traditions, this program emphasizes the connecting power of music.

In times dominated by globalization, but also dissociation and more and more extreme political opinions, we want to celebrate pluralism and at the same time concentrate on what unites us, on the basic questions of life and emotions that we all share.

Our program Songs and Dances - In the Mirror of Life with works by Dvorak, Ravel, Bartok, de Falla, Piazzolla and others is complemented by excerpts from the documentary Human by the French filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This cineast artwork is quoting the lifes and stories of people from all over the world, yet - just as the music we play - always comes back to central topics that, after all, move us most as humans, like family, death, justice, war and love.

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